For sale is a Sony Magnescale DRO. I bought it from a bankrupt company liquidation. The owner told me that it was not in a working condition. I tested it: the top unit powers up for a fraction of a second, shows digits VERY briefly and turns off instantly. The middle unit displays random, quickly changing numbers. The bottom unit displays zeros, for a few seconds, then ones, for more seconds, and then a dot.

This unit is sold as BROKEN, for PARTS ONLY, returns will NOT be accepted, refunds will NOT be given. I cannot guarantee that when you get it, it will do what I described in previous paragraph. Get it if you need parts and knobs. Do not blame me if you cannot fix it. If you fix it, your gain, if not, your loss. I will start bidding at 0.01.

If you do not see something on the picture, it is not included.

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