Miller XMT 300 CC Tig Stick MIG/VS Welder GREAT COND


For sale is a Miller XMT 300 CC inverter welder. It can do stick welding, TIG welding (scratch start or with addition of a high frequency unit and TIG torch and pedal), or carbon arc gouging. It has Auto-Link, which means that it can run off regular household single phase 220v, or from 220v three phase, or from 460v single or three phase, without any rewiring.

This machine is a real workhorse of welding. It is not one of those import junk welders with unacceptable duty cycle and overstated ratings. Its duty cycle at 170 amps is 100%, which means that it can be used continuously for most types of stick welding (and as you know, you cannot continuously stick weld, you need to change electrodes, chip slag, etc). It can output 300 amps at 60% duty cycle. It has a thermostat and turns fan on only if it is needed, thus reducing noise, annoyance factor, and dust buildup.

This welder can be used for MIG welding with voltage sensing variable speed suitcase wirefeeds that accept CC units. It cannot be used with MIG wire feeds that require CV output.

This welder has a strong aluminum case and is a rugged package designed for real life conditions.

I owned this welder for several years for personal use. I used it to weld my homemade trailer , it performed flawlessly. I used it for other minor projects and it never failed me. I am selling it now because I upgraded to a Miller XMT 300 CC/CV in order to do MIG welding with non-VS wirefeeds. So you can tell that I am partial to Miller XMT series.

There is nothing wrong with this unit that I know of, it performs all of its functions as designed. I will accept returns, within one week of receipt, but you will pay all shipping. I will not refund your shipping costs. It also has to be returned in a working condition.

Attached are photos of a steel bar that I welder to a railroad rail using this welder, which I am using as a homemade anvil. You can see the kinds of weld beads that this welder makes with 7018 electrodes.

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Adobe PDF Document Document: Miller-XMT-300-CC.pdf
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