For sale is a lightly used Miller AEAD-200LE welder/generator.

This is not a cheap joke import item, it is a professionally made machine of highest quality, intended for use by people whose income depends on the reliability of this machine. Miller engine driven welders are highly prized.

It spent most its life in a garage of a person (my friend) who makes custom racing engines. As such, it did very little as that person did mostly TIG welding. I received it as a trade for a milling machine that I sold to him. Since that guy is an engine builder, he did some teardown and measurements of it when he bought it a few years ago.

He said the following: It did not look like it had been run much. The main bearings are still shiny and within .0004 from new. The main thing was the valve lash did not need any adjustment at all so the cam being the first attritionable part to demonstrate wear was in fantastic shape. The unit has a remote tank on it as it was truck mounted from the last owner. I put on new 50' leads and lugs and a stinger & clamp and it has not been used since. I did run three houses off of it for three hours when we had a major storm this winter and it ran fine ( I also made a dongle for a 50amp plug to hit the breaker panel in the basement) It is an AC/DC unit and I have the manuals for it as well. It's used. it shows but it's well worth the $1,500 I paid for it. I just need a mill way more than the gen/welder and I know you could make good use of it. I also did a good necropsy of the oil when I got it- It showed good maintenance. It still runs Mobil 1 full Synthetic only.

This machine is good for two kinds of people -- those who need a welder for remote jobs, and those who need to weld and also need a generator for home backup.


I can ship this engine. See below. To local buyers ONLY, I offer a full satisfaction guarantee and will refund what you paid MINUS $25 (my fees) if you decide to return this unit to me with a week, for any reason (other than you ruining it due to something stupid -- it has to come back in a running condition).

:FREIGHT: $100
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