Lot of MANY Brown and Sharpe Screw Machine Parts 1


For sale is a lot of miscellaneous parts that come from drawers labeled "B&S parts" from a screw machine shop that used Brown and Sharpe screw machines. First picture shows the entire lot, the rest show various drawers.

If I knew what the parts were, I would list them individually and become rich, and would sit on my yacht, taking overnight deliveries of expensive wines. But, alas, I do not know what they are, so I am sitting here finishing my cheap beer and having a few more things to list for sale.

The drawers, in which the parts are, are NOT included in this auction, but their cabinets (very nice!) are listed in my other auctions. I recommend buying these parts, and Brown and Sharpe chains, the B&S pump, and the cabinets from my "other items for sale". Then your screw machine shop would never run out of supplies.

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