NON-WORKING Bridgeport 6F or 8F Power Feed Powerfeed INV=65


For sale is a Bridgeport 6F or 8F Powerfeed. I could not find a data plate on it, and could not locate the model, but it looks very similar to an 8F that I sold here a week ago. It does NOT work and is offered for parts ONLY. It is missing the electronic control board inside. The switches, etc look OK. Has plenty of valuable things, such as Baldor DC motor, handles, gears etc. You may be able to get it to work by retrofitting another control board inside. Or part it out and make a lot of money. Just search ebay for "Bridgeport 8F". Not being a greedy money grubber, I am selling the whole thing for a lot less than the sum of parts!

Here's a description of Jon Spear's project that restored a similar power feed.

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