Boston Gear F633AF 50 B7 T1 Gear Head reducer box gearbox 16428


  For sale is a Boston Gear F633AF-50-B7-T1 Gear Head
  Control N B-95454*10
  Manual for Gear Head he
  According to this manual this gear head is
  Quill type; 600A series; reducer size 3; number of reductions 3; 
  Output flange mounted; input bore size 0.875; nema mtg 140TC/180C
  Gear ratio - 50:1
  Inp. 1750 RPM; 1.55 - max HP; 
  2750 - output torque
  Input hole 7/8"
  Output Shaft 1-1/4"
  This unit has storage rust.

  Pattern between centres of the holes is:
    6 x 6"
    4 x 4"

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