Blacksmith s Steel Table Leg Attachment Anvil Vise base support HEAVY 14029


  For sale is a All Steel, All Welded Construction Table Leg Attachment
  for use in a variety of machine shop and blacksmithing applications.
  11" (F to B) X 10" (L to R) X 5/8" Thick top surface.  21-1/2"
  Overall height.  (2) 5/8" Diameter threaded holes in top surface,
  with 8-5/8" distance between hole centers.  18" Vertical spacing
  between mounting holes; horizontal mounting hole spacing is variable
  from approximately 5" min. to 9" max. (see photographs).  (2)
  Identical units available.  NOTE: These attachments were well
  manufactured, and mount-up against a flat surface very nicely, with
  no shims required. Very heavy and squarely made, true USA product.

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