Stutzen M95 M-95 BAYONET Mannlicher Carbine NCO Pattern


For sale is a bayonet that someone on the Internet said was "Austro=Hungarian Mannlicher Carbine, Bajonett M95, NCO's Pattern for Stutzen M95". I have no idea whether this is true, however, so I can offer you a one week return privilege: If you do not like this item for any reason, within 7 days of receipt, you can return it to me for a refund of your winning bid. You will have to pay shipping both ways and pack carefully. These parts are hard to find and often outrageously priced.

  From: Tom <*****>
  Newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking
  Subject: Re: Bayonet ID

              > Anyone knows what gun is this bayonet for?
              > http://****.com/tmp/Bayonet/
              > Also, there is some sort of etching on the rear of the handle, covered
              > by rust. Is there some way to clean off rust without destroying
              > etching?
              Austro=Hungarian Mannlicher Carbine,
              Bajonett M95, NCO's Pattern for Stutzen M95.

Includes a bayonet itself, sheath, and a leather thing. Leather is in a not too great shape due to age. But there are no big tears, as far as I remember. See pictures for condition.

Markings: there are no stamped markings on this bayonet. The rear of the handle has some minor rust that SEEMS to obscure some etched numbers, but I cannot be sure of this.

The release button on this bayonet was stuck, but I oiled it with LPS-2 and now it operates smoothly.

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