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DC Contactors, Electromechanical : A1300 Contactors

The A1300 series is a range of contactors for direct current
applications. Particularly for the control of DC motors in battery
electric machines such as lift trucks, tow tractors, sweepers etc..

With a rectifier in series with the coil they can be used to switch DC
loads while being controlled from an AC voltage source.

The clapper design allows visual inspection of the contacts and
provides a mechanical wiping action to break down any oxidation or

The competitive pricing of the contactor is made possible by a design
that features only a small number of high quality components. This
also results in ease of maintenance and low spare-parts inventory.

The contactor is available as a single pole normally open, single pole
changeover and as a motor reversing contactor, using two single pole
changeovers simply linked with two identical bus bars.


Silver/cadmium oxide tips are highly resistant to wear and provide
inherent protection against contact welding.  Negligible contact
bounce and positive wiping action of the contact permit a high
current-making capability for a contactor of its size.  The complete
normally-open contactor users only four fasteners (five on the
changeover type) - all of them self-locking - which greatly
facilitates assembly and maintenance. The contactor is attached to an
insulating base which permits mounting directly onto the vehicle
chassis.  The contactor may be removed from the base panel by
slackening a single fastener.  Absence of adjustable components
eliminates any chance maladjustment by the user.  Blow-out magnets
housed in arc-resistant mouldings are supplied as standard and permit
high current rupturing capability.  The coil may be rotated through to
locate the faston connectors in the most convenient position for the
user.  The location of the heavy-current terminals permits
exceptionally close packaging to be achieved without restricting
access to individual contactors.  Options

Choice of diode networks for suppression of the coil circuit.  A
microswitch for controlling auxiliary circuits may be fitted to either
side of the contactor. The microswitch will handle five amps
(resistive).  Cableform's range of modules for time delays on the make
or break operation, may be used with this contactor.  Connections

Heavy current connections are by M6 fasteners. The normally open
contacts being fitted with standard magnetic blowouts, the load must
be connected in the correct polarity, the positive connection to the
fixed contact.  Connectors to the coil and to the auxiliary switches
are by 6.35mm fastons ('amp' 'positive lock' type are recommended).

A 4.5mm hole is located in each corner of the base panel. Fixing by
either pair of diagonally-opposite holes is adequate. It is
recommended that the contactor be mounted with its base panel in the
vertical plane. Because the terminals of the normally-open contacts
are symmetrically disposed relative to the base panel, orientation may
be with the normally-open contacts located in either the uppermost
position or the lowermost position. This is important where several
sets of contacts are to be connect in series, since it permits the
interconnections to be made with short straight links, while keeping
all the fixed contacts on the positive side of the current path. This
eliminates the need for either reverse-polarity blowouts or for long
interconnections and it also permits maximum packing density to be


All dimensions in millimeters.

Performance Specification

Test Conditions

Thermal Rating (Continuous)

120 amps

At  ambient

Rupturing Capability

700 amps (50 times minimum)
140 amps (50 times minimum)

At 48V, 0.5mH
At 72/80V, 0.5mH

Standard Coil Voltages

12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V


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