Antique Van Dorn Combination Safe Gun 50 X 38 X 21 Interior nopl 12362


  For sale is a Van Dorn Antique Combination Safe.  

  50.5" (H) X 38" (W) X 21" (D) Interior dimensions.  
  (1) Height adjustable shelf.	
  (1) Height adjustable roller shelf.  

  60" (H) X 43.5" (W) X 28" (D) Exterior dimensions.
  Steel wheels allow you to roll it. One of the ears that holds 
  front right wheel has some damage shown on the last picture. This
  is a combination safe. Has two doors for access convenience and
  some shelves inside. Safe is in need of good cleaning, as it is
  dusty from being inside an antiquated stone cutting plant that 
  has Pre-WWI (sic) machinery. That's Pre-World War ONE.

  Made by Van Dorn. Has beautiful brass handles. The "X" mark
  was painted on it by me to indicate that I purchased it (along
  with other stuff)

  We have the combination to the lock. We tested the combination 
  and the safe function. It opens and closes, the combination 
  locks and unlocks. The door needs to be pushed a bit to close,
  but that does not make it very difficult and should be fixed by 
  some cleaning. 

  It can hold approximately 17.88 tons of gold or up to 78 guns.

  Weight 1,216 lbs (according to our scale). CUSTOM PALLET
  CHARGE IS $50.

  Own a truly antique piece of American History. 

  For additional charge, we can deliver to curb side or garage in 
  Chicagoland. Call Igor 630-235-6603

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