Alumina Ceramic


For sale are six pieces of what was described to me by seller (and recognized by some people) as alumina ceramic. This material is grey, has a faint smell like gypsum or concrete, and scratches easily with a pocket knife. This sort of ceramic, if I am right about it, is supposed to be "baked" in a kiln at a precise schedule. See attached PDF. It becomes pink after baking.

It is used for making rocket and tig nozzles, crucibles etc.

All measures are approximate! One piece is 2x2x10 inches long. A similar piece to it is McMaster item 8479K8 that they sell for $198.12. Another piece is a little below 8 inches, shaped like a exaggerated letter L. Its 2x2 non-machined part is about 5.75" long. There is four more little pieces, about 2" long and maybe 7/8" square. You see all of them on picture, what you see is what you get.

Your satisfaction is important to me. I feel that I do not know enough about this material and so I may be misdescribing it as alumina. Maybe it is some sort of worthless junk. So, if what you receive is not alumina, let me know and I will give you a full refund when you ship it back to me, so the only amount that you lose is your return shipping cost.

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Adobe PDF Document Document: alumina.pdf