LOT:20ea Allen Bradley Push Pull Buttons Rotary Switch

For sale is a panel with 18 Allen Bradley controls, described in detail here, and also two blank plugs. Taken from a machine from a research institution, not from a factory (likely less abuse).

I am describing the controls from left to right, top to bottom, with serial numbers when available.

5 -- Red LED Lights 800H-QRL24R F, LED power module 24VAC/DC 
     (4 LEDs in each)
2 -- Two position rotary switches 800T-H2
1 -- Black Reset button, no catalog number
1 -- Two position rotary switch 800T-H2
1 -- Three position rotary switch 800T-J2
1 -- Button 800T-A..T
1 -- Four position 800T-N2KF4
1 -- Rotary switch 800T-J2
1 -- Black button, no catalog number
1 -- Three position 800T-J2
1 -- Green button, no catalog number
1 -- Four position 800T-N2KF4
1 -- Push/pull control 800T-FX D4
2 -- Special blank plugs with wingnuts in the back.

All controls feel right when i try to switch them or press buttons.

Total count is 18 controls and 2 plugs.

Used, sold as is (untested), but look pretty good. Mistakes in catalog
numbers are your risk, I am not sure about that 800T-A..T number. Sold
mounted on a panel. You will receive this panel in its present
condition, it will be up to you to remove these buttons (but you know
that all original hardware is there). See pictures for details. 

Very expensive stuff. Wasted taxpayers money can now be your (and my)

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