Abell Howe Jib Crane 1 Ton 10 ft Span 8 5 ft cap hight 17735


  For sale is a Abell-Howe Jib Crane 1 Ton;
  10 ft Span, 8.5 ft cap. hight
  Overall Height is 144" 
  Vertical I-Beam is 14 x 7" (w x depth)
  Horizontal: 10x4.5" (w x depth) 

  NOTE: This jib crane swivels by means of two swivel plates,
  on top and on the bottom of the vertical beam. It normally 
  attaches to the vertical column of your building. Bolts were
  lost and are not included. You get the two swivel plates, 
  vertical beam, and norizontal beam.

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