For sale is a AMC B30A8 FOUR AXIS CNC CONTROL SERVO DRIVE. This is an awesome combo that will let you to very easily create your own four axis CNC milling machine. If your machine has only 3 axis, just do not use the drives that you do not need, keep them as spares. I am VERY familiar with AMC drives due to having retrofitted my own Bridgeport Interact CNC mill with very similar AMC drives. I knew nothing about CNC prior to my conversion, and my AMC drives were very easy to figure out. AMC has great support for these drives. You can call them and talk to a red blooded American about their use (but please do them a favor and read the manual first). These drives can run both brushed DC as well as brushless servos, AMC has a document explaining how to use them.

This combo has four drives. The power supply provides 40v at 230v input. I tested it and the FAULT light comes on all of them. This is a good sign, because unless these drives are brought out of INHIBIT, they display the FAULT sign, it is normal.

If you do not like this item for any reason, within 7 days of receipt, you can return it to me for a refund of your winning bid. You will have to pay shipping both ways and pack carefully.

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