Unused Phoenix Contact UK3 MSTB 5 06 Terminal Blocks 13896


  For sale is a Group of (74) Unused Phoenix Contact Type UK3-MSTB-
  5,06 Feed Through Terminal Blocks.  From the manufacturer's website:
  "Feed-through terminal block, Connection method: Special and hybrid
  connection, Number of positions: 1, Cross section: 0.2 mm - 4 mm,
  AWG: 24 - 12, Width: 5.08 mm, Color: gray, Mounting type: NS 32, NS
  35/15, NS 35/7,5".  NOTE: Many of these terminal blocks are New,
  Unused and Never Installed items.  This group, and a number of other
  Phoenix Contact items that I am offering for sale were removed from
  stock / inventory at a local distribution warehousing operation that
  was closed-down in early 2014.  They were NOT pulled from used
  electrical panels.

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