22kV Capacitors


For sale is ONE High voltage, 22 kV rated, 1 uF pulse discharge capacitor by Maxwell labs. These capacitors were made for pulse discharge mode such as in tesla coil, coin shrinking, can crushing, EMP wea pon applications.

Each capacitor weighs about 40 lbs.

I have more than one such capacitor, they will be offered through ebay to the highest bidder. (I have 15, but will probably keep 4)

These are surplus from Fermilab, from their division maintaining the 27 megawatt modulator. Look very nice and clean. I have tested the them by charging them to 13 kilovolt and checking the charge with a HV probe. I also checked capacitance with my multimeter. All is to spec. No in depth testing besides this has been performed. They are guaranteed to not be blown, but otherwise sold as is. Again, they were only tested at 13 kV, not at their rated capacity of 22 kV, due to lack of HV equipment.

I called GAEP, the corporate heir to Maxwell Labs capacitor division. They were kind enough to provide me specs beyond what you see in the nameplate:

* 3.7 kA rating
* 20% voltage reversal (see PDF explaining voltage reversal)
* 2 BILLION pulse discharges lifecycle (2*109).

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Adobe PDF Document Document: Fermilab-Modulator.pdf

Adobe PDF Document Document: capacitor-performance-and-safety.pdf

Adobe PDF Document Document: capacitorss-avoid-catastrophic-failure.pdf
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Adobe PDF Document Document: high-energy-capacitor-characterization.pdf

Adobe PDF Document Document: high-energy-capacitors.pdf

Adobe PDF Document Document: large-high-energy-density-capacitors.pdf
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Adobe PDF Document Document: voltage-reversal.pdf