lbs of Sea Channel Metal 0 2 thick 155 long 9781


  For sale is a large bundle of 1350 lbs. of Sea Channel Metal, 0.2" thick,

155" long. This
auction is for the bundle of sea channel metal directly in 
front of the purple-red tub ONLY. This is NOT for 
the cylindrical tubes under it, nor anything else
in the picture. This auction is only for that ONE bundle. 

This item ships by Freight (by truck). It cannot be shipped by UPS or USPS. This item does NOT offer free shipping. If you need to discuss shipping prior to bidding, call me at 63O-235-66O3. Please do NOT pay until you discuss shipping with me and I invoice you. The buyer has three options:

  1. Free pick-up at my location in Berkeley, IL, 60163
  2. I can get a freight quote and charge you my cost of freight and arrange shipping.
  3. You can arrange shipping with your own freight company, to whom you would pay. It needs to have electronic tracking capability to complu with PayPal requirements. Title and risk passes to buyer at pick-up. I will also charge you a palletizing charge. Charge is $15 for a regular pallet and more for custom pallets.
Any crating beyond just banding to a pallet will incur an additional cost to buyer. I never ship for free and I do not consider any offers that demand free shipping.

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