115v 1 4 HP Eaton NFX9000 Variable Frequency AC Drive NFXF25A0 1 12331


  For sale is an Eaton Series NFX9000, Catalog No.NFXF25A0-1 Variable
  Frequency AC Drive Module.  100-120VAC, 50-60Hz, Single phase AC
  Input at 6.0 amps.  0-240VAC, 0.1-400Hz, Single Phase or 3-phase AC
  Output.  1/4 HP Motor rating.  From the OEM literature: "V/Hz
  Control; 1 Analog Input; 4 Programmable, Intelligent Digital Inputs;
  1 Programmable Relay; Out-of-the-Box Operation; Single Phase in
  3-Phase Out Capability; Standard I/O Includes an Integrated RS485/
  Modbus Port; Built-in Overload Protection (OC, OV, OL, OT) & Built
  in EMI Filter; Undervoltage Carryover Limit: 0.3 to 25 Seconds;
  Displacement Power Factor: Better than 0.95; Efficiency: Typically
  Greater Than 95%; Microprocessor: 32-Bit."  NOTE: I removed this
  power supply from a working, custom machine that was in use at a
  local manufacturing plant that has been closed-down.

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